A slice of the South, right by Universal

Just off the 101, Spoonful's a Southern-themed Studio City gastropub that feels like you're drinkeating on a Dixie farmhouse, minus the humidity/cheap paper cups

Down home cookin' includes a fried chicken dinner with collard greens & mac and cheese, plus pulled-pork sliders with three types of BBQ sauce: Georgia/ South Carolina/ North Carolina/ raise up/ take your shirt off/ twist it 'round your hand/ spin it like a helicopter. Booze's extra brown, with a cougarific 40+ whiskies (which they'll ice w/ a single, circular cube from a Japanese-imported icemaker), plus there's a list of cocktails that're split between "pretty classic" (Rye Sazerac) and "pretty sure to make your date really, really confused" (Mannish Boy)

They've also got a curated, 10-draft craft beer list and six, over-the-bar flatscreens, all equipped with the full NFL package, perfect for watching that Shiancoe locker room video.