Food & Drink

It is NOT a popup. But it kinda is.

'Cause what else're you gonna do after your voted-best-Asian-in-the-city illegal home restaurant is closed down, and then you lose your lease on your actually legal, rave-review-getting brick & mortar, Starry Kitchen's now permanently popping up at Tiara with Starry Kitchen Nights, the latest incarnation of the ultra-lauded, ultra-tasty, ultra-casual ultra-thin-sheepskin Vietnamese cafe

They're gonna have a ton of newness on the menu, including rad-sounding dishes like the all-thigh (heyo!), fish-sauce-and-lemongrass-marinated, pandan-leaf-wrapped chicken, Singaporean Chili Crab w/ dippable bread, and caramelized claypot striped bass & pancetta in young coconut juice, who, unlike old coconut juice, never had to walk back and forth across the bowl, in the snow, both ways

'Cause they're not stupid, they're also going to have some favorites from the old SK menu, including their crazy-renowned crispy tofu balls, the ordering of which'd likely be considered an ultrasound decision.