A slice of Italy, right in the middle of the city

Finally opening tonight on the border of Beverly Hills and That Part Of Town That Might Be The Miracle Mile Or Mid Wilshire Or Fairfax District Or Carthay Circle, Delfini Citta's a classic Boot food-ery draped in white tableclothes, with 6500sqft worth of seating, plus a working open-flame pizza oven and a waterfall -- so expect some TLC from your waitress.

The menu is Howie-long, with Mike Piazza-approved eats like aged bresaola (air-dried, salted beef) topped w/ shaved Reggiano; linguine w/ New Zealand mussels, manila clams, shrimp, calamari, and snow crab claw; and a breaded, pan-fried veal rack served with rosemary roasted potatoes, even though you explicitly told her to bake them. But wait, there's more: bar snacks like smoked mozz and Italian bacon, mixed meat skewers (w/ chicken, lamb & pork), and a shload of 'za options, ranging from the traditional ('shrooms, anchovies, etc.) to the crazy (hot dog rings), to the, um, nutty (Nutella).

They've also got a "Pizza Tasting" (basically a three-in-one pie where they fill each third with a specialty topping combo) and a full cocktail menu, including Italian classics like Negronis and Limoncello shots, as well as specialty drinks like the gin/ Fever-Tree/ lime "GTL" -- have more than one, and it won't matter where you are, so long as cabs are here.