Food & Drink

Wouldn't you believe it, it's just your cluck

'Cause you can't subsist on bacon pop-tarts alone (or maybe you can?!?!), diversify at the first-ever LA Fried Chicken Fest on Aug 26th

Put together by the head Gastronaut chick and an ultra-connected blogger dude, LAFCF'll feature fryer talent from eight crazy-legit restaurants that'll each do their own golden bird preparations with sides, including the chef from MB Post guy (truffle-honey laced fried chicken with Kohlrabi slaw), the woman from Jitlata ("Kao Mok Kai" fried chicken with yellow curry rice and spicy sauce) and a TBA prep from the guy from Mo-Chica, or how Tony Pena used to point out hot chicks in the stands to his Boston BFF. And because alcohol is the No. 1 cause of "extremely fun-ass times", admission'll include all-you-can-drink Firestone Walker, as well as endless punches made w/ high-end bourbon and tequila from a former ink. bar dude

Oh, and the whole shebang's only 45 bucks, although if you wait 'til the week before the event, that goes up by $10, which you definitely can't afford (or maybe you can?!?!).