The Waterloo & City guys hit the beach

Following up a runaway hit's tough, mostly because the demographic of homeless street-teens is known for being notoriously fickle. Attempting to do it anyway, the dudes behind Larry's

Larry's is a bar where people stumble through awful jokes about Southern living in sleeveless plaid shirts small, beachfront Venice gastrobistro featuring a retractable-glass-door'd patio and local art, all a collab between the Hotel Erwin crew and the food/bev guys from last year's ultra-lauded Waterloo & City. Food's all $15 and under w/ vaguely European-influenced dishes including a Brussels sprout pizza w/ Benton's bacon, Parmesan, & chili vinegar; bbq eel & foie gras terrine w/ Muscat gelee, soy reduction, petite salad & toast; and a green gazpacho topped w/ smoked almonds, green grapes, and squid salad that's been char-grilled, but so far, is still maintaining its char-innocence. Drink-wise, they've got 26 draft beers (Green Flash; Old Speckled Hen; Ommegang Hennepin), as well as soju- and-wine-based cocktails like the Muscato/ Indian spiced chai/ lime/ mango "I Lassi", and the soju/ mint/ lime/ coconut cream "Coco Cabana", which, though it sounds sweet, is still fit for a Man...ilow

Though they're shooting to open Aug 16th, they're having private friends-and-family previews next week, which you can try to get into by emailing the address below, assuming you haven't sold your laptop for a nicer stick with a nicer bandanna tied around it.

Photo by Lisa Cohen