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Pop-up tongue-kissing food in Venice

So, this extra-casual bakery called B1 Breadshop just opened in Venice, which in and of itself is pretty awesome (see: Valrhona pan au chocolat, portobello w/ pepper sandwiches), but you don't read Thrillist for just-opened, extra-casual bakeries that're pretty awesome. You read it for clandestine pop-up restaurants INSIDE of just-opened, extra-casual bakeries that're pretty awesome like, say, Pichet. Only in service Fri-Sun, this beret-approved dinner operation's crazy affordable (everything's $12 or less) and run by a chef who's done time with Thomas Keller and Wolfgang Puck, in case you were looking for a reason to Spago

Since they're changing up the food every week, we photographed the entire menu for this upcoming weekend so you can get a feel for the epicness that lies ahead, including a marjoram-and-rosemary-braised Coq au Vin w/ jalapano-honey vinaigrette, seared duck breast w/ rosemary-roasted figs, and a plate of sweet-yam-mash-accompanied short ribs -- which all sound pretty good, now if you could just find some clean French Laundry to wear to this thing...