50% beef, 50% bacon, 100% amazing

Not just the likelihood AC'll be down to hit The Max after fifth period, Slater's 50/50 is also a sports bar mini-chain that finally has an LA location: the old Vive space in Pasadena, which they've awesome-ified with 100+ beer taps and totally sickinsane burgers

Seriously, their trademark patty's nuts: 50% beef and 50% bacon, which, if you order the B'B'B'Bacon Burger (you will), also comes with bacon American cheese, a sunny-side up egg, thick cut bacon, and bacon "island" dressing, served on a bacon pretzel bun. Or if you order the chili-cheeseburger (again, you will), it's topped with Fritos. Also: they've got four types of mac 'n cheese (including one w/ Buffalo chicken bites) and a fried chicken & pancakes combo that, like Louie Anderson during bath-time, is covered in gravy and maple syrup

Booze is on that next level tip too, with all those aforementioned taps, plus cocktails like one with tequila, cinnamon whiskey, cracked jalapeno, and ginger beer dubbed the Aggressive Siesta, which's exactly what you'll wanna order to take your drinking to The Max.