A burger restaurant inside of... a burger restaurant

Opening Monday in the land of Duuuude You Live So Far Though, Can't You Just Come To My Place?, Burger Haven's a lunch-only restaurant-within-a-restaurant at Haven Gastropub in Pasadena, with a McCormick Alley side entrance, a small swath of reserved tables and banquettes, and its very own menu featuring a buncha innovative takes on meat between buns

You've got to check out this menu, 'cause the insanity includes a ground beef number topped with bacon jam, and the "Here's the Kicker": a jalapeno/habanero bun that'll hug Paso Prime grass-fed beef, radish salad, habanero/smoked serrano powder, blistered jalapenos, and pickled ghost chili -- which runs the risk of leaving something just as spicy between your own buns.