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Lobster BLTs and ice cream in Pasadena. Discuss.

What's black, and white, and red all over because it has a stark, two-tone interior and serves a bunch of the fresh, flown-over-from-the-East-Coast crimson-colored crustaceans in a cafe-like space attached to Live Mixx in Pasadena? Cousins Maine Lobster, of course, the first-ever brick & mortar from the previously truck-only operation, opening Friday next to Barney's Beanery.The duo of dudes behind Cousins're importing shellfish on a daily basis, with just-for-the-restaurant goodness including a brioche lobster BLT, lobster mac 'n cheese (w/ melty asiago & cheddar), and a lobstah'd-up Cobb, which'll likely Tyde you over until you get to classics like lobster rolls (done either hot or cold), a hot-sauce-dolloped lobster bisque; and a howler monkey lobster martini, which's basically a ceviche w/ lobster-stuffed olives. If for some reason you're tired of saying lobster, they've also got shrimp tacos (w/ fresh-made tortillas and chipotle aioli), fried clams, and a crab roll with Dijon mayo, or what Tony Allen used to say whenever OJ was all "Yo T, what's the name of the historical capital of Burgundy, France?".'Cause, you know, you gotta try it at least once, they also have lobster ice cream, which's basically a vanilla base embedded w/ semi-frozen claw meat -- a nutso dessert description that (once you share it) is sure to be read all over.