A gastropub's totally secret new meatwiches (w/ free beer!)

If your deodorant of choice is any indication, you totally love a good Secret, which's why you should covertly ask about these three super hush-hush, Thrillist-only burgers the next time you're at Prohibition Burgers & Beers, where they'll be pairing your clandestine burg with a free beer (!) if you mention Thrillist in the next two weeks. Quick, read about 'em all here before this email self-destructs in 3... 2...The Brass Knuckles: This bad, bad boy's topped w/ cheddar, red onions, tomatoes, and a slow-simmered dark ale-based chili, which -- depending on how recently the chef went to the seasonings store -- may include some Old Spice.The Piano Wire: Not just the name for the spinoff to the 1993 indie where Omar gets uncomfortably naked instead of Harvey Keitel, The Piano Wire's also the moniker for this grilled chicken breast beast with jalapeno cream cheese spread, mild cheddar, fried onions & fried jalapeno.The Pub: This juicy 7oz patty's topped w/ applewood-smoked bacon, an over-easy egg, Dijon mustard, and aged white cheddar, which probably totes enjoyed Paul Ryan's RNC speech.