NoHo's new tapas & tipples emporium

Opening today in a renovated, 80yr-old auto garage, Bow & Truss is the newest North Hollywood venture from the dude behind Knitting Factory & around-the-corner Federal Bar -- a Spanish-style tavern with plenty of what-you'd-expect from an 80yr-old auto garage (brick walls, concrete floors, roll-up doors, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker adding mad spoilers to their Hondas) and plenty you wouldn't, including an open kitchen, indoor/outdoor bars, and a be-couched front patio that's almost as large as the restaurant interior.Food's from a chick who's done time at Playa and Rivera, so there's some background for Pau Gasol-approved dishes like paella (w/ clams, scallops, shrimp, mussels & chorizo), NY strip loin w/ spicy chimichurri, and a bass-filled seafood pot, which Samaki Walker would eat if it weren't for all that seafood. For those who like to share, they're doing tapas of lobster ceviche w/ plantain chips, "Pig & Beans" (w/ chorizo, andouille & quail egg), and cornmeal-crusted, lemon-enhanced "smelt fries", which're either made from small, salty fish, or... just hope they're made of small, salty fish.Drinks're from an all-star duo that's done time at Varnish & Edison, so you can expect seasonal elixirs like the rye-Benedictine-vermouth-Amaro Creole (whose recipe dates back to the '30s), the Amestoy Swizzle (apple juice, brandy, Falernum), and the Scotch-sherry-absinthe Horse Thief -- a man whose mode of transportation's no longer very Fast, which likely makes him Furious.