Yep, hot dogs topped with soul food

Adding an unexpected element can make something familiar even better -- and if that doesn't work, you can always just put Mike Tyson's face tat on Ed Helms and reshoot the exact same thing in Thailand. For unexpected elements that'll also go great with a Hangover, check out Otis Jackson's Soul Dogs.Named for a family friend of the owner (who just so happens to be the dude who wrote Barbershop), OJSD is a colorful, mural-enhanced shrine to both soul food and hot dogs, with the featured dish being mash-ups of both, which weirdly enough means you'll probably hear less Girl Talk. Majestic creations start with your choice of nitrate-free beef or turkey, and include the Original Soul Dog (collard green/cucumber relish, sweet potato puree, bacon crumbles), the Mac Daddy Dog (fried onions, diced bell peppers, homemade mac & cheese), and the Country Dog, which's topped w/ fried okra, hot peppers, and chipotle mayo made w/ black-eyed peas -- so you better get 'em fast, because you know they'll sell out. In case that ain't enough for you, they've also got more classic dogs (topped w/ chili, bacon, kraut, etc.) as well as spicy chicken andouille and pork bratwurst sausage, plus a free-range Southern fried chicken basket with your choice of two pieces, only one of which can be a breast -- so, expect your other piece to be either Ellen Page or Ally McBeal. Of course, most of the toppings are also available as sides, and they've also got peach pie for dessert that's deep fried, yet another unexpected element that should make your Hangover better, in case you're not quite ready to Thai another one on.