An app to make you fat(ter)

Just launched by a bunch of NorCalifornians who probably don't even know how to use a Street Strider, Chefs Feed aims to recommend specific dishes at local restaurants via only the most trustworthy sources: LA's best chefs, though it's up to you to explain to your mother why she's not on that list, and why you're not still dating that nice and polite Jewish girl who went to Cal.

Unless the movie Encino Man was based on your life, you know to how to get this pup into your phone, after which simply register via email or FB, and from there you can check out recs via a ton of different avenues, from using your GPS, to searching by dish, to isolating individual chefs, each of whom is listed with cred like awards won, newspaper reviews, how much they can decline bench etc.

Every chef has chosen and commented on three or four meals at different restaurants, i.e., Ray & Stark Bar dude Kris Morningstar says K-Zo does "awesome sushi"; Evan Kliman from Angeli Caffe indicates Riviera's clam tamale evinces the chef's "playful intelligence", and Kogi guy Roy Choi militaristically declares that Din Tai Fung's soup dumplings, "[melt] away in a bag of goodness" -- so, he just visited a dispensary?

In case you enjoy travel by luxury coach bus, they've also just launched in Chi, San Fran, and NY -- perhaps the one place in America where more mothers wonder why their sons aren't dating nice, polite Jewish girls.