Full service from the Mendocino Farms guys? Yes, please.

Because using the name Blue Barracuda would clearly be a sign of weakness, Blue Cow's the first full-service effort from the peeps behind stud sandwich mini-chain Mendocino Farms -- a hidden temple of tastiness opening its doors this Thurs in the shuttered Casa space downtown, w/ newly added wood-slatted walls, a monster patio, and an actual, plastic version of their sky blue-spotted namesake.

To make sure the eats're on the level, they've got a former Church & State chef-dude slanging stomach-fellating foodstuffs like a house-ground lamb merguez sando (w/ harissa, creme fraiche, roasted peppers, and mint on a buttermilk roll), a bacon confit burger topped w/ tarragon aioli 'n caramelized onion marmalade, and a fried egg-equipped, honey-cured ham madame, which's served on grilled rustic tartine and slathered in Jose Canseco's Cuban mojo sauce. Drinks'll come courtesy of a Harvard & Stone alum and lean heavily on booze that's barrel-aged in-house (including an Old Fashioned w/ pecan-infused whiskey), plus non-aged elixirs like fortified lemonade made with Hangar One and bee pollen, and the Winter Apple Flip, a 'tail anchored by walnut liqueur and Applejack brandy, which's like Frosted Flakes brandy, just not nearly as grrrrrrrreat.

Since they made their rep on 'wiches, they're gonna have guest chefs coming in on the reg to do their own spins on stuff put in between bread, so you shouldn't expect the same Ol'mec thing every week.