Is all that's on the menu

Opening Saturday in DTLA's new high-end, food-court-style, cafeteria-esque UMAMIcatessen, Pigg's a stand from renowned Bay Area offal-master/Iron Cheffer Chris Cosentino, who, per the name, will serve up literally every kind of pork you can imagine, except, perve, that kind.

The menu's split into seven glorious sections, each containing enough piggy to make you want to screw the signal fire and form your own island tribe, including: "Cured", w/ 15 bacons from the US, Spain & Italy; "Canned", w/ offerings like a classic rillette and whipped lardo; and "Salad" -- don't worry, they're topped w/ cracklins and pig ear. And that's far from all: there're also three sandwiches (country pate w/ cornichon & mustard; hoof & mouth w/ pickled carrots & onions; and a liver pate w/ caramelized onions & arugula), a duo of cooked pates, two raw crudo-hams, and "Fried Snacks" like fries served w/ homemade "brainaise", which makes for great leftovers, especially 28 Days Later.

In case you're not down with the swine, the UMAMIcatessen's got a ton of other stuff too, including a full bar, an Umami Burger, a super-sweet doughnut-and-coffee spot, and a Jewish deli called The Cure, whose Kosher customers will consider Pigg's food all kinds of nasty, except, ew, not that kind either!