Food & Drink

Chuuuuuurch, son!

Opening tomorrow in the District of Fashion-lumbia, The Parish's a new Brit-influenced gastropub from the James-Beard-nominated Tasting Kitchen guy, housed in a two-story, dual-patio-equipped setup with a 1930s-style parlor (w/ red wood, schmancy wallpaper & leather wingbacks) upstairs, and a 2010s-style bistro down, sporting floor-to-ceiling windows and an open kitchen that Chick-Fil-A is not going to be happy about

The menu's gonna semi-change daily, but this week they'll have grilled shrimp (w/ cranberry beans & roasted red peppers), buttermilk fried chicken (w/ heirloom tomatoes & arugula), and a stout-bathed grilled sausage w/ pickled cherries & parsnip mash -- so you know this thing's gonna be monster/have parsnip. "But Thrillist", you say, "if I order the stout-bathed grilled sausage, my friends are totally gonna want to share, and I hate sharing, especially with my friends. Also, I love that we get to chat openly in your stories." Us too, which's why we'll direct you to order their list of exotic anti-share-ers, including fried frog legs w/ a jalapeno slaw, pork head pot pie, and poutine that's topped with pigs' feet

Oh, and they've got similarly thoughtful drinks, too, from a former Seven Grand dude who's doing a crazy-curated beer program as well as custom ice shapes for each cocktail, with tipple options ranging from the Sheesh Majal (gin, Amaro, celery bitters) to a fancified Old Fashioned that's definitely not Brit-influenced -- come on, you don't think we would've telly-ed you if it was?