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Fresh Dish
Make cooking at home, like, a majillion times easier and more delicious

Los Angeles

Not just what DJ Jazzy Jeff calls an awesome bounce pass from Will, Fresh Dish is also a new dinner-livery service hooking you up with weekly chef-prepped meal kits, all courtesy of a dude with some serious delivery experience... from

Here's how it works: You tell them how many mouths you have to feed (so if you're the oblong-headed dude from Alien: two), and they send you a couple meals a week with easy-to-follow-even-for-you recipes that take 30mins or less to cook. Everything's pre-sliced, -diced, and -measured (again, easy-to-follow-even-for-you), shows up in a temp-controlled container, and costs as little as $8 a meal. Oh, and the food: a celeb chef (she's been on Oprah!) is behind a bunch of the recipes including a porterhouse steak with pan-seared cherry tomatoes, turkey mac 'n cheese w/ apple fennel slaw, spice-rubbed salmon, and a peach-glazed pork chop, or what Mario likely eats after hitting the (warp) pipe

Also awesome: there's a 100% "delicious guarantee", so if it sucks (likely because you effed something up), they'll refund you or hook up a credit for a future meal so you don't have to take the hit on your Banks account.

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