Really Fukuing good burgers

Deciding that one easily misconstrued eat spot is not nearly enough, the dude behind Pink Taco has opened Fukuburger, the first brick-and-mortar location of Vegas's acclaimed Japan-meets-America food truck, featuring a 60-seat interior outfitted w/ Asian-esque murals and communal tables, so even people you don't know can try to Fuku.

The menu's all burgers, each fusing American beef with Japanese sex cartoons! sauces/infusions, with options including the fairly standard Lucky w/ wasabi mayo, the Tamago Egg w/ the dried topping furikake and teriyaki sauce, and the Buta Pig, which's got applewood bacon and red ginger, making it a hard habit to kick. But wait, there's more: the kinoko mushroom burger's got grilled shiitakes, the spicy karai's topped w/ avocado cream & habanero kabayaki, and the chicken katsu's clearly not a burger at all, but a fried bird w/ panko crust, shredded cabbage, and "crack sauce," though clearly this one doesn't taste like a**.

Just to show off, they've also got beers & wines, as well as sides like a gravy-soaked potato mound they call Jazz Fries, something Uncle Phil no doubt would've done, if that character on Fresh Prince ever managed to Fuku Hilary.

Photo by Kenneth Roz