New York's dogs come West

Because everything comes west eventually, assuming it doesn't foolishly caulk the wagon or get dysentery, tomorrow marks the soft opening of the first-ever West Coast location of the Big Apple's iconic, colorful, hot dog-slinging tropical drinkery Papaya King, a place so rich with history, Stephen Ambrose once tried to claim it was with him when he interviewed Eisenhower. Get learned up on:

How It Started: In 1932, some Greek dude named Gus took a vacation to Miami and was so blown away by all of the exotic fruits that his face melted, although that could also have been because, back then, no one used sunscreen. He came back to NY, and started slinging tropical juice drinks. Then, while trying to impress a German chick while on roller skates, he badly hurt his ankle. During his recovery, she fed him frankfurters, which he then incorporated into the biz. All of this is weirdly true.

What to Eat: Though they've got knishes and sausages and stuff, you almost have to get a hot dog, like the Homerun with NY onions/kraut, or the Slawdog with coleslaw and a pickle, or the Beefinator, which comes with "meat sauce"...hmm, tell you what, maybe just stick with one of those first two.

What to Drink: Sure, they've got all sorts of smoothies (Pineapple Surprise, Banana Berry) that you can stuff with protein, flax, and all that jazz, but NY dudes who can do like, three hundred pushups in a row order "tropical drinks" like the papaya or the coconut Champagne, also what you toast with when you get married at a movie rental chain.