Whatever you do, don't pick the wrong slice

So yeah, Pizza Russian Roulette. Here's how it works: the crazy pie-makers at Lucifer's're making a just-for-Thrillist pizza where one, extra-special slice is loaded with ghost pepper sauce and crazy-spicy oil, which's like a bazillion units on the spicy-index Scoville scale. You order it with your bros, everyone eats their slice at the same time, and one unlucky dude gets that slice and reacts. On video. With tears

Wanna play? Watch the first-ever PRR documented in this video right here, then hit up either Lucifer's location (including their just-opened, recycled-wood-covered shop at Melrose & La Brea), order the pie, shoot a vid sometime in the next two weeks (at home, or at the store -- they're down with cameras), and upload it to YouTube with the name "Pizza Russian Roulette". Tweet it at us @thrillist to let us know it's there, and the awesomest cinematic masterpiece'll get a free dinner for four (up to $100) at Lucifer's. Not on video. Or hopefully with tears.