Home to the greatest pop-tart ever made

Open now in the same general vicinity as that giant rock -- OMG WE HAVE TO TAKE A PICTURE UNDER IT AND SHARE IT ON FACEBOOK!!! -- C&M's a new, casual LACMA cafe serving up coffee, eats, drinks, and more under the watchful eyes of the dude in charge of Patina and the drinks/eats guys from Ray's & Stark.They've got super-casual eats, w/ sandwiches on rustic baguettes including a guy w/ country ham, truffle butter & gruyere and another w/ ultra-fresh heirlooms, burrata & arugula, as well as rotating morning-time pastry goodness that includes a berry/date/bacon pop-tart (!) and peach "Hand Pies", which're stuffed with seasonal ingredients like Hansel and Gretel! peaches. They've also got a unique ice cream-like thing they're calling "milk sorbet" used in cookie-hugged sandwiches and milkshakes that come w/ and w/o alcohol, and include flavors like a minty Branca Menta and an icy thick Irish coffee they likely have to whisk...ey.Of course, they've got curated Intelligentsia beans for the coffee, as well as dessert-y stuff like cherry almond muffins, a marshmallow swirl brownie w/ pecans, and the "Elvis Cake", which is a golden sweet filled w/ caramelized bananas, peanut buttercream, & bacon -- making it worth putting in the general vicinity... of your mouth.