The Animal guys are finally doing daytime

Tell your mom she can pack one fewer Lunchable in your work bag (or better yet, don't tell her, and sell that pup for profit), because the Animal guys' nautically themed Son of a Gun is finally open for that most important of mid-day meals (no, not you Dunch).

Just-for-lunch options include cavatelli and meatballs w/ ricotta & garlic bread, the Frita sub (w/ chorizo, cheddar, and a ketchup/ relish sauce), and an oyster loaf w/ bacon and crystal mayo, which is so damn addictive, you won't even mind it causing your teeth to fall out while you try and pawn off your roommate's jewelry.

But while you've still got those teeth, chew on mussels w/ tarragon, Pernod, fennel & toast; amberjack crudo w/ galbi vinaigrette & watermelon relish; and their linguine and clams w/ uni-aglio-olio, breadcrumbs, and chili, for which you shouldn't be 2 Proud 2 Beg.

They're doing reservations now, but if you can't convince your mom to call for you and get one, just head over and post up at their massive common table, where your massive markup on Oscar Mayer convenience packs will have everyone else there asking if they can borrow a dollar.