The biggest picnic of all time. Ever. In history. Period.

Imagine an outdoor picnic at a secret location in LA. Okay, now imagine hundreds of people are there. Okay, now imagine every single person is wearing all-white. Okay, now imagine every single person is also Kate Upton, and they're wearing all-white lingerie. This is totally fun right? Minus the Kate Upton thing, it's also exactly what you'll find Aug 25th at PopUp Dinner LA, which's selling tickets starting... now. Here's the lowdown

My imagination skills are really lacking, so I totally couldn't follow anything you said in the first paragraph. I just kept thinking about that time I bought a Discman that didn't have any skip protection. Can you summarize?Basically, a ticket gets you into this enormous outdoor picnic, where you and your friends can either bring your own food & booze, or get hooked up with a set five-courser. You're also supposed to bring your own table decorations and "ambient lighting". So yeah, bring that

That sounds cool, but I'm so torn up about this Discman thing at this point, I can't make any important decisions about what I'm going to be eating. Out of curiosity though, what's in the five-courser?A bottle (!) of champagne, as well as some rad cheese, crackers & grapes, a watermelon & mint salad, seared ahi, mascarpone & fig, and pot de creme

Why's everyone wearing all white to this? Is P. Diddy involved in some way? I bet he is, in which case, I'm totally going.Everyone wears white so it looks "elegant". And, presumably, also to impress P. Diddy

Speaking of elegant, is there going to be somewhere I can Cat Daddy?Yes. There's gonna be live music and dancing, as well as a "napkin wave". Don't ask

So... this thing's going to be happening at P. Diddy's condo, right?Probably? All the organizers'll say 'til right before the event, is that it's somewhere in a "beautiful outdoor location", which could mean anywhere from beachside in Malibu, to out in front of the Griffith Observatory, to the corner of Bonnie Brae and 6th. Imagine that. Actually don't, the corner of Bonnie Brae and 6th is super shady.