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Stuffing your face with stuff like stuffing

Published On 11/18/2011 Published On 11/18/2011

Since you'll spend most of actual Thanksgiving pretending you don't hear when your grandparents litter their anecdotes with hopelessly outdated ethnic terms, make it up to those you've silently offended the next day with these ethnically diverse, offensively good recipes:

Turkey Nam Tok From Kris Yenbamroong, Night & Market The upscale Thai street-food guy totally Asians-up your all-American feast via fish sauce, lime, and red chile flakes, as apparently red T-Boz and red Left Eye were pretty diligent about washing with Selsun Blue.

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Thanksgiving "Bubble & Squeak" Patties From Ashley James, The Four Seasons Beverly Hills These moist (ha!) patties use just about everything you watched other people prepare while you lazed around watching Jahvid Best feverishly pedal a bike on the sidelines, with the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink list of mashed-together ingredients including turkey meat, mashed potatoes, yams, and Brussels sprouts, unless your family doesn't make Brussels sprouts on T-day, in which case, damn your family is awesome.

The squeaky patties get the 'taters, right here

Turkey Day Leftover Tostada From Jason Neroni, Osteria la Buca The chef from the recently renovated Italian standby does T-day via Mexico, with the secret ingredient being a baked egg with a running yolk, though the only real hurdle you'll face in finishing it is still having an appetite after Grandpa Presley calls your mom's Irish relatives "bog-trotters", again.

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