Making you way more than just full

Eager to have you pursue something other than just their sustenance and pretty grills, seven of LA's top food trucks banded together for a one-off actual scavenger hunt, featuring hidden clues, delicious eats, and an afterparty so epic, R. Kelly won't even have to head back to his hotel lobby to pee on anyone. The breakdown:

Who's involved: An all-star treasure-hunting team somehow not associated with Nic Cage that includes the professional scavenger hunt organization (!) LARF, the food-truck repository website Roaming Hunger, and trucks like the bacon-tastic Lardon, banh mi babes Nom Nom, and curry-slingers Naan Stop, who truly are the best kind of Indian givers.

What'll happen: You'll round up a team of winners (as many as can fit into a vehicle w/ seatbelts) and head to a to-be-revealed starting point at the beach where you'll be given a map with truck locations ranging from Culver City to Downtown. From there, your team'll make like Jason Statham in every movie he's ever been in and frantically drive to each spot (in the order of your choosing) to get a specific item from the truck as well as find potentially game-winning clues that can be hidden anywhere from on said truck, to in its vicinity, to in the food itself; each of which is part of a larger puzzle that you've gotta solve the quickest to win the game, but not win The Game, 'cause that would involve hurling yourself off a building during your birthday party, and organizing that'd just be insane.

Where your team and Jason Statham will go after the hunt: The afterparty, of course, which'll be at a mid-city bar revealed during the game, and feature TBA prizes from sponsors/ trucks for the winners, a full rundown of the ish you and Statham didn't get right during the event, happy hour booze prices, and a performance from the crazily costumed band Super Duper, who describe themselves as "apocalyptic funk", which is what Tom Evans has been in ever since the world didn't end last Saturday.