Healthy food that doesn't suck

Doctors say that eating healthy food can help you live a long life, though they also say you shouldn't jump off your garage onto a Crocodile Mile greased up with Crisco, so... who really knows if any of it is true!? For kid-tested doctor-approved sustenance that doesn't make you want to jump off your garage, hit up True Food Kitchen

The latest addition to Santa Monica Place, TFK's an upscale open-kitchen cafe doling out a wide variety of healthy bites that you're actually interested in eating, w/ a breakfast/ lunch/ dinner menu that's been given the thumbs-up from a world-renowned doctor, who just wants you to get your Phil. Lest you disbelieve, feast your pupils on non-tofu action like steak tacos w/ avocado, cojita cheese, and tomatillo salsa; pan-seared halibut w/ snap peas, asparagus, purple potato, and umami; and radish/ avocado/ cucumber/ wasabi aioli-laced wild ahi sliders, also the name of that episode where Jerry O'Connell and John Rhys-Davies enter a gateway through which everyone is a hard-partying deep sea fisherman. Other highlights include a turkey burger w/ provolone and avocado; an organic tomato & roasted veggie pizza; and a breakfast burrito w/ egg, turkey bacon, cheese, salsa, & Anasazi beans, which are red & native to New Mexico... like Al Unser, Jr., when he forgets sunblock.

In addition, they've also got beer, wine, and fresh-squeezed-juice-filled cocktails, too many of which may necessitate hitting a completely different kind of bump, before you take that dive.