...is what you'll do after reading about the bacon flan

Not just what people started hilariously calling Clooney that Summer he started eating hamburgers with (gross) buns, Gorge is also the name of WeHo's newest charcuterie bar, which'll softly open this weekend under the watchful eye of an exec chef who has 34 different culinary degrees, worked for Joel Robuchon, and... had her head shaved on Top Chef Season 2!Inside you'll find ornate tin ceilings, unfinished wood wainscotting, and a room-anchoring U-shaped bar (w/ a suspended glassware hutch), where they'll pair beer (Craftsman on tap) or wine (mostly French) with every item on the menu, or what Gorge C says to his Cheesecake Factory waiter after flipping through their offerings.Speaking of every item on the menu that Gorge C will undoubtedly eat in one sitting: they're all French, but extra-awesome-ified, including a frisee salad w/ crisp shallot rings, mustard viniagrette & bacon flan (?!?), pig ear tartine w/ confit pork and Italian black truffles on a rustic baguette, and "Pork Gorge Sausage", which probably sounds awesome to you, but kinda unappealing to even really desperate, overweight star-effers.