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Baby lamb chops and dancing girls

Sure, Don Flamenco was a total sexpot, but the girls who dance his surname at Cava are probably even hotter, which’s why you should get to the Spanish restaurant/lounge that's taken over a historic building in the Gables. The place looks like you need a secret password to see Jessica Rabbit headlining, thanks to cave-like brick archways, dim lighting, and a front-and-center stage for all the aforementioned hip-shaking.You should probably wait 45 minutes before flamenco-ing yourself after downing chorizo slow-cooked in cider w/ goat cheese & tomatoes, caramelized octopus legs, lime aioli-drenched cuttlefish, and "carnes" including Spanish blue cheese-topped filets, and baby lamb chops, also an essential move in the ancient martial art of jiu-jits-ewe.If you learned to share at some point, you're probably not an only child, but either way can get after about 50 tapas ranging from Serrano ham and artichokes, to spicy paprika-marinated mussels, to homemade meatballs & pork loin coated in sherry, enough of which will fortify your stomach, with more stomach.They're in the process of constructing a signature cocktail list, but for now their fully stocked bar's also packing upwards of 30 vinos, plus sangria, naturally. And when the lights get low on Thurs/Fri/Sat, tight-dressed flamenco dancers will take the stage alongside a couple guitarists to dazzle you with their moves and wake up your Little Mac.