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Shelborne Wyndham Grand
Shelborne's First Fish Fry


You've probably heard nothing about this thing, but South Beach Wine & Food Fest is kicking off this week, which means unless you mugged Bobby Flay in an alley while hilariously shouting “it’s gonna be a throwdown!!!”, you might not have tickets. Well never fear, because Shelborne's offering an open-to-all party that'll dish free Peronis from 9-10p, and ask chefs from the hotel's resto trio to fry up different styles of fish, including Classic American, California Baja, and Traditional Japanese.

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1. Shelborne Wyndham Grand 1801 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, 33139

Known for ocean views, a top-notch spa, and restaurants offering up fresh seafood and more, The Shelborne is an no-brainer for your stay in Miami.

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