Sushi, pork belly & cocktails in Brickell

Sure, with a couple more umlauts, Aijó could be Äijö, the supreme god in Finnish mythology (and also a song by Finnish folk music group Värttinä, duh), but instead it's a just-opened Japanese joint slinging a lineup of rolls and innovatively delicious non-sushi from a sexy, stark white room

They pride themselves on said anti-sushi created by an ex-Zuma chef, including the Reneboy (crispy rice covered in salmon & a crunchy sweet walnut/eel topping), 32hr slow-cooked sweet & sour pork belly, a truffle-covered 24oz bone-in ribeye, and sweet/spicy fried chicken wings served "lollipop style", which means they did something sexual to Lil Wayne, but in a just-shrouded-enough way that they can show the wings on TRL. And in the third sentence, even though he's not the Finnish supreme god, Aijó said "let there be sushi!", and there was, including a roll that substitutes rice for corn flake-breaded plantains that get stuffed with salmon, cream cheese & avocado, as well as one with spicy "dynamite paste", crispy prawns, eel, avocado & tuna... and Aijó saw the sushi was good

The massive bar's churning out an equally gigantic lineup including 70+ vinos, 10 sakes, bourbons, Scotches, and a slew of cocktails like a sake mojito called the Sakito, enough of which will make you feel like a supreme god, and possibly even capable of speaking Finnish.