Brother Jimmy's BBQ

After two decades-plus of filling New Yorkers with delicious smoked meats and enough fishbowls to start a county fair if they could just round up some ping pong balls, Brother Jimmy's has left a trail of BBQ sauce all the way down Highway 1 en route to Miami. Here's what you need to know about the BBQ behemoth:The Vibe: Basically a honky tonk/ saloon/ game room/ BBQ pit, the interior's a visual playground of neon sings ("Meat!" "Pork Sandwiches!"), a license-plate-covered bar, skee ball & Miss Pac-Man, Jack Daniels barrels, and a flock of flying pigs, so it's time to do all that crazy stuff you said you'd do, back when you were a folksy southern woman who loved idioms.The Eats: They promise everything's going to be at least 25% cheaper than what they've tricked those silly New Yorkers into paying, including soaked brisket quesadillas, rib tips, catfish po' boys, burgers loaded with BBQ sauce & onion straws, "wet" rib platters, fried chicken, and boiled crawfish.The Booze: Draft and bottled suds are there in force, but it's really all about $5 shooters like Picklebacks (Irish whiskey w/ a pickle juice chaser), and the headliners -- 2.5 gallons of "high octane" Trashcan Punch you ladle into mason jars, and their famed 64oz Swamp Water fishbowl filled with infinity straws, way more vodka than anyone needs, and a plastic alligator, which will fill New Yorkers with fear whenever they even start down Highway 1.