Eight seats, unreal sushi

There's nothing worse than making decisions, except of course when they're highly publicized television events that involve LeBron coming to play basketball here. Good decision, LeBron!! Well, even he'll have a tough time getting a seat at a tiny sushi temple that makes all your decisions for you: NAOE

Quietly opened on Brickell Key after a stint in Sunny Isles, Chef Kevin Cory's new incarnation is about as simple as things get in some ways -- two seatings per night, eight people per seating, starkly minimal decor, an omakase menu you don't have to choose a single thing from -- and as impressively not-simple in one very huge way: its fully operational Large Hadron Collider the food. Once you're lucky enough to get a seat, they'll get in touch to prep for any food allergies (peanuts = no problem; sushi = might be a problem), then prepare a whatever-Cory-feels-like meal consisting completely of "natural Japanese cuisine" employing both local and Tokyo-imported swimmers. What you might encounter: horse mackerel w/ fresh-grated wasabi, urchin-topped egg tofu, fresh roasted & basted eel, plus "delicately sweet" nigiri including kohada (gizzard shad, a small fish related to herring), monkfish liver, Scottish salmon bellies, and cured squid, which apparently no longer has Ink Eye

You're actually given freedom of choice when it comes to a brief selection of brews like Ginga Kogen, and sake comes direct from Cory's family-owned (since the 1800s!), Mount Hakusan-perched Nakamura Brewery -- drink enough, and the appeal of bringing your talents to South Beach will be greatly diminished.