Food & Drink

Like eating in Europe, except you can drive there

Because even the nicest tables at IKEA aren't that delicious, except for maybe the INGATORP, instead try Gourmet Table: a trattoria-looking deli/European specialty foods market outfitted with wine glass chandeliers and rows of wooden cubbies housing edible and drinkable goods.Whether you're taking stuff to go or eating there, the ever-changing menu'll include eats like Mediterranean octopus carpaccio, Scottish salmon tartare, polenta w/ truffle and porcini, Sevruga caviar covered in orange crème fraiche, shrimp/ jalapeno "Laughing Bird" ceviche, and oysters like Blue Points, which they awarded the dude from Old School in that wrestling match, right before he died. There're also endless Mediterranean-imported products including fresh yellowfin, truffle butter, sherry/ grape/ herb-infused artisanal vinegars, apple cider & calvados confit, and green tomato jam, which sounds even better when you're Fried.Naturally, they haven't skimped on the imported sips either, housing reds, whites, and bubbly, as well as teas and Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, so it's safe to say they don't have a LACK of beverages. Or even a STORNÄS, for that matter.