Classic sandwiches, quesadilla-ized

You know when you buy a quesadilla, stare at it deeply, and think "man, this would be so much better if instead of chicken, it had an entire Reuben shoved inside it?" No, never happened? Really? Well in that case, it's a damn good thing the guy behind Crazydilla exists. Said madman named Micah moved from SoFlo to LA, fell in love with its food trucks before Nacho Bizness was even its owners' bizness, then moved back to Miami with a deliciously ridiculous idea: buy one himself, and turn all his beloved childhood sandwiches into quesadillas. Some of his finest 'dillas: Cubadilla: It's got everything but the traditional bread: imported aged Swiss, all-natural Serrano ham, and roasted pork that's braised with citrus, cumin, and the "spices of Cuba" (Rojo, Bebé, Espantoso, Elegante, and... Deporte-y?), then marinated in citrus stock infused with honey before being pan-seared and topped with garlic mustard aioli & pickles. Reubadilla: Since you couldn't tell from his very French-sounding name, Micah's half-Jewish, and is required to love Reubens. His 'dilla version employs lightly steamed corned beef, kraut that's "squeezed dry so it can soak up all the flavor from our homemade Russian dressing", and of course some Swiss. Cosa Nostradilla: Since you couldn't tell from his actually very Jewish-sounding name, Micah's also half-Italian, and therefore felt the need to cook up one with meatballs, spicy marinara, a heady blend of Italian spices, and "the best mozzarella I could find", all of which will be so much better once you stop staring at it deeply, and eat it.