Food & Drink

World Resource Cafe's latest offspring

Translating to "cafeteria" in Japanese, and proving that Japanese people might not exactly have a handle on what that means over here, Shokudo is an actually very nicely attired, mod-but-homey, indoor/outdoor Japanese joint from the WRC peeps, who now want to fill you with authentic, homemade, street food-style fare. Things kick off with a lineup of skewers and buns stuffed with everything from citrus pork belly and soft shell crab to fried-onion-covered pulled pork, before moving on to rolls like tiger eye salmon w/ truffled roe, cream cheese, scallion, and the hamachi/tuna Samurai, which are only considered street food in that expensive sushi restaurants are often located on or near streets.If you're in the mood to make lots of pho puns, 1) you're pho-king awesome, and 2) you should pho-get about the rest of the menu and pho-cus on the noodle section packed with lasagna beef & rice stick noodle pho, plus duck breast soba noodles and braised pork belly ramen.On the booze front, they're stocking a few Thai and Japanese beers plus 25 vinos and 15 sakes that can be served hot or cold, just like lunches in much crappier American middle school Shokudos.