Food & Drink

An extremely sweet new cafe from The Federal peeps

With the economy causing the coyote-sized rocket industry to seriously flag, Acme's branching out to sweet & savory edibles with Acme Bakery & Coffee. The Midtown outpost -- which's actually from the non-anvil-making Federal crew -- transformed the former Brooklyn Bagel digs into a French cafe-meets-Rockwellian general store thanks to recipe card-lined tables and vintage armoires stocked with homemade deliciousness

They're staying about as local as possible by incorporating natural yeasts native to Midtown plus nearby farms' eggs and flour into daily made breads including Midtown sourdough, Edgewater rye, and British-style "Sally Lunn" brioche butter loaves, named after a probably fictional woman likely actually named Sollie Luyon, even though she was, again, probably fictional… those kooky Brits! Said ingredients're also turned into lemon lavender blondies, cornmeal waffles w/ Pickleberry marmalade, and cheese-stuffed "Cloud" pancakes, plus sandos like The Hudson (camembert, chicory, Pickleberry's starfruit piccalilli), and one that stacks onion marmalade & pickles on top of Bishop's meatloaf & Vermont cheddar, even though the richest person in Vermont is worth about $750 and ~2.5 Patagonia jackets

Joe comes from the very excellently named Panther Coffee, and they're also stocking a lineup of vintage sodas like Ale-8-One, Dog n Suds root beer, Moxie (the US's first-ever cola, from 1884!), and Sun Drop, which only happens once the sun finally looks down after walking off the cliff and just hovering there for a few seconds.