Food & Drink


Although this isn't a circa-1991 episode of Yo! MTV Raps, you should still be totally down wit' OTC: a counter-servicer in Brickell featuring a farmhouse industrial feel thanks to a counter made out of a 2,000yr-old Florida Cyprus, caged light fixtures, and enough giant sprockets on the wall to start a thriving business in a distant Hanna-Barbera future.

The menu's all "pair and share", which means small plates designed to go together so well you'll think they found each other thanks to that creepily enthusiastic guy from eHarmony (bone marrow and short rib; goat cheese & bacon jam sandos w/ Maine lobster mac), plus fries that become virtually unrecognizable once loaded with brie sauce, truffles, Applewood bacon, and/or a giant over-easy egg

And since beers tend to pair well with everything, they'll be rotating a lineup of crafts like Monk in the Trunk, Lagunitas IPA, Cigar City, and Wells Banana Bread, all of which'll make your Nature good and Naughty