Italian pork rolls, morphed into sandwiches

Sure, everyone knows it's the most popular food at Saturday afternoon bingo in Ontario, but Canada is in, like, Russia, so luckily you now can eat legit Italian porchetta at... Porketta, a fast-casual eatery in Downtown cooking the deliciously seasoned swine rolls in a market-like space lined with steel stools and a slew of imported Italian products

They exclusively use organic, outdoor-raised swine from Iowa (proving up their state motto: "We're more than just corn and Chris Kingsbury"), and cook it the same way they do in Central Italy: by stuffing it with garlic, rosemary, fennel, and fresh herbs, then sewing it all together before roasting for 3-4 hours to get their signature crispy skin. Because eating entire hog-logs is considered unseemly in most Western cultures, the porchetta's then sliced up and worked into the Bombardino sando w/ pickles, a giant swine platter w/ cannellini beans & a trio of sauces (including a sriracha-style job), and "Timmy, Jimmy, Tommy" -- three pork sliders with the delicious skin on the side, for you to either slap atop of the sandwich, or eat like the most delicious chips since sour cream & onion O'Boisies.

They're keeping the booze appropriately Italian with glass and bottles of red, white & Prosecco, plus imported suds like Birra Moretti, enough of which will have you shouting in crowded rooms whether or not you get whatever the hell constitutes a Ruso-Canadian bingo.