Top Burger

Because people who wear suits and know what a trailing stop loss order is, and people who wear slightly less-nice suits and won't stop asking you for 35 cents both love cheeseburgers, Top's serving lunch in the heart of Downtown in a space that looks like George McFly is gonna walk in and order a milk... chocolate, thanks to red/white checkered floors, vinyl stool-lined counters, and a classic burger- and sandwich-stocked menu

Prominently displayed behind the order counter, said menu's keeping things local by sourcing both its USDA-graded Angus patties and farm-raised chicken from 15mi away, as well as hand-picking all their veggies daily at 6 in the morning, which explains why the b*tches were forced to leave the living room. The burgs are smothered in everything from Swiss & grilled 'shrooms to blue cheese & bacon, plus there's also a lightly breaded fried chicken sando, and a lineup of kosher dogs including the fairly definitely not-kosher Bacon & Cheese as well as the tomatoes/ onion/ pickles/ sweet relish Chicago Style, which should leave you pretty windy yourself

There's unfortunately no booze, so you'll just have to get completely jacked up on fountain sodas and shakes, also what George McFly gets when he's trying to tell girls he's their density.

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