Giorgio Rapicavoli's permanent space, with way more liquid nitrogen

After a too-brief incarnation as a casual nightly pop-up in Cafe Ponce's former digs, Giorgio Rapicavoli's Eating House has permanently cemented itself into the same space, which's been completely redone with industrial exposed bulbs and walls made of what Slimer sometimes embarrassingly wakes up with: ghost wood

Hand-built shelves are lined with wine bottles, skull candles, and an array of buyable bitters and non-space jams

Even though it's obviously true, Giorgio sadly won't be using this "I Love Bacon" cookbook

Although no longer daily, the menu'll still change pretty regularly, and will revamp existing staples like tomatoes coated in a thick ginger/lime-infused fish sauce, fresh herbs from the garden out back, rose & marigold petals, crushed peanuts, and coconut milk that's been hit with..

... tons of liquid nitrogen, to ensure a Dippin' Dots level of quality

Brown-butter soaked scallops w/ pecan miso, pumpkin puree, turnips, figs & sea salt. A must: Cap'n Crunch that's been 1) candied & crushed, 2) turned into mousse, 3) turned into frozen mousse (yay, mo' liquid nitrogen!), and 4) combined with milk panna cotta & coffee sea salt to create the most epic dessert since the giant, evil one that trashed New York City.