Food & Drink

Being green just got easy, and delicious

Proving you can achieve a suitable ecostasis level without Pauly Shore and Billy Baldwin’s little brother, The Dome is an eco-friendly (the first LEED Silver-certified resto in Gables) farm-to-table eatery from a local caviar lover, who filled the interior with old stuff that’s been morphed into less-old, more badass-ly modern stuff, including recycled mirror walls, a giant bar crafted from quartz and palm tree trunks, and patio furniture made from old milk jugs, which (double-entendre spoiler alert!) Harvey never got to grow because he was mowed down while his body fat was still around 2%

Eats: Dome's plating caviar-topped, fresh, cold-water oysters, jumbo tiger shrimp wrapped in ancho tamarind BBQ-glazed bacon, and Mahi Mahi sliders, plus locally sourced mains like guava-glazed cod filet in pistachio breadcrumbs, and red wine reduction-smothered braised beef short ribs that’re the chef’s “signature”. And because this place is just that classy, they've got the area's first caviar bar (cavibar?) housing all manner of "acquacultured" fish eggs, including some that're as close as it gets to the now-US-banned beluga, whose eggs Raffi was forced to stop harvesting once the feds finally saw through his decades of sing-songy coverups

Drinks: Aside from rotating in seasonal local micros, they've tapped the Ritz's former cracker czar mixologist to craft cocktails like the The Raquelita (Beluga Vodka, St. Germain, pomegranate juice, Champagne), and the The Miami Heat filled with Corzo, Mandarine Napoléon, passion fruit puree, Thai pepper syrup, blood orange, agave syrup, and a dash of orange bitters, or what Dr. Faulkner felt after that stoned-looking Baldwin brother foiled his coconut bomb plan.