Picture the best frozen treat ever, then add booze to it

Once upon a time, a Miami girl fell face-first while chasing an ice cream truck. Then, she got canned from her Nintendo marketing job, which makes her a grownup, and the whole chasing-after-ice-cream-trucks thing kinda embarrassing. But who cares! Because all that gave her the idea to start Feverish Ice Cream truck, which three years later is coming to a standstill in a splatter-paint-popsicle-mural-outfitted brick & mortar in Midtown

She'll have about 25 pop flavors at any given time, which're handmade by blending everything from fresh fruits, herbs, and agave nectar, to almond milk and cocoa powder into a smooth puree. Then she pours that over the chunkier base (e.g., banana pieces for Chocolate Banana Sea Salt) before freezing for 15mins in a crazy industrial freezer that's either from the distant, awesome future, or some restaurant supply store. Probably the future

And because again, she's a grownup, she's spiking a bunch, including craft brew and wine pops, plus the Strawberry Mojito w/ agave nectar & rum, the Blue Sky Jack & Coke, and the Mango Bourbon, which should have you falling face first, truck-chasing or no.