Boats + sushi + sake + dude, boats!

If your dad's first three divorces taught you anything, it's that love is a precious and fragile flower that needs so much to grow. And also, you've gotta have options, son. To wit: Buddha Sushi Bar, an option-filled roll-taurant from master sushi-crafter Michael Asalie (Little Lotus), who's floating all kinds of awesome Japanese handhelds on miniature boats that weave around the entire, dimly-lantern-lit, bonsai-tree-filled joint. To the options!Option one: Just sit down, and start snatching yo people up!! things off said boats, which'll cruise by on a stainless-steel, water-filled conveyor with totally random, lower-priced eats ranging from standard, to sashimis (mixed raw fish covered in jalapeno salsa), to seaweed salads (YUM!), all of which'll be tallied up per-plate.Option two: You can hit the boat-less dining room, where a full menu's stocked with fancier guys like the Big Mac (spicy tuna/ snow crab, avo, tobiko, crunchy, sweet sauce), Fruity Roll (three kinds of fish, tamago, masago, asparagus, shrimp, peach, creamy soy mustard), and one with salmon, snow crab, and tuna smothered in smoked BBQ sauce that's dubbed the Armageddon Roll, or what it's called when you share a bed with Eddy Curry and he turns over.Option obviously: You can drink booze (!) in both rooms, including hot/cold sakes, a few Japanese brews like Singha and Asahi, as well as cocktails like the Passion Saquerinha (muddled lime, agave, sugarcane) and the jalapeno-packed Pineapple Chili complete with a spicy rim job... which hopefully wasn't an option with any of your dad's former and/or current wives.