Ready to be waited on by scantily clad French maids?

All the latent Situation-ness has been scrubbed away from the former Club Bed in the creation of Room Service, a thoroughly hotel-themed club whose mission is to serve the crap out of you via provocative bellhop greeters, "check-in times", and plenty of drinks from a not-so-mini bar.The Vibe: The seriously classed-up space is meant to resemble a sexy hotel lobby, which's accomplished by camel leather sofas, a cascading fountain wall, and a buttload of candles. And of course camel leather sofas mean nothing without a "hotel staff", which includes fishnet-clad French maid waitresses as well as a female hostess, who'll guide you to your flatscreen-equipped suite while wearing the bellhop uniform Tim Curry would've worn if his Home Alone II character combined with his Rocky Horror one.The Food: When your personal "butler" brings the menu, be totally hilarious by asking about his experiences with Uncle Phil, then order small plates including the "Lobby Sliders" with top sirloin, pork, veal & prosciutto, plus not-so-small plates like the Bird's Nest (plantains covered in tamarind sauce, avocado & pico), a fried onion-covered 12oz skirt steak, and the Presidential Paella.The Drinks: Those tireless French maids will happily bring you bottle service, and there's also a lineup of cocktails ranging from the Lights Out (tequila, coconut liqueur, pineapple) to the rum / lime/ simple syrup/ muddled jalapeño Do Not Disturb, a request The Situation ignored from every girl in Miami.