Dream South Beach, now with more truffle ravioli

A year ago, Miami let New York have Mike Bibby. Now, in return, they've given us something even better than a slow, aging point guard who's good for a robust 2.6ppg: Serafina, an NYC Boot-food stalwart that came south to fill the former Tudor House digs with street art-esque murals including massive wings and a giant "We Will Rock U", as even Queen could likely beat Miami in football these days.There's also an outdoor lounge equipped with a mod fountain and space heaters for when the temp drops below 75 and you have to bust out the bubble goose.Northern Italian family recipes backbone the menu, including chunks of blue crab layered w/ avocado mousse, which incidentally is what spendier customers would say to Bullwinkle when he worked at Chipotle.Pasta covered in basil & a light peeled tomato sauce.A trio of raviolis: porcini, black truffle, and the very wise inclusion of sage & butter.This trio will make you un-wise: spiked pops including watermelon/tequila, strawberry/champagne, and raspberry/citrus/vodka.