Food & Drink

The greatest meal <strike>on</strike> slightly above earth

[In the voice of a pimply kid who long ago realized he's wasting his Summer vacation working at an amusement park] Ladies annnnnd gentlemen, step right up for this once-in-a-lifetime chance: for one night only, dine on exotic cuisine from one of Delray's finest restaurants -- Union or Caffe Luna Rosa -- and drink bottomless cocktails while suspended by a 120-ton crane an astounding 180ft in the air, with nothing underneath you but DEATH... and some seats and a floor and stuff

The Rules

  • You must be THIS hungry to ride this dinner. "THIS" is extremely hungry.
  • You must be at least 4'11" and weigh no more than 225lbs to ride this ride. If you miss both criteria, sorry man. In general.
  • While sitting under a canopy in a ring of roomy, plush(ish) seats, and enjoying exquisite views of Delray, you may notice that both diners and chef will be secured by a tethered safety harness. Do not, under any circumstance, undo your own harness or a fellow diner's. Or at least not the chef's.
  • Please keep your knife and fork inside the ride at all times
  • Riders with back injuries, heart disorders, epilepsy, and pregnant women are all encouraged to ride this dinner, because it's friggin' sweet.