Your Tomahawk steak is here

A far better option than some of the less-choice pieces of meat flooding the neighborhood, opening-today Edge, Steak & Bar is a swank new meatery that outfitted its bright, airy space with white linen walls, deep white leather booths, a front-and-center marble bar, plus old-school fixtures like shouting out "you're my boy, Blue" to be hilarious at parties bronze gussets and hanging lamps with exposed bulbs.

The main event is the obviously the beef, which comes in rare cuts like the 24oz bone-in Tomahawk, a Black Angus filet, and the Cowgirl Chop, all of which're picked up from Missouri's Creekstone Farms and charbroiled at 1800 degrees before being treated to a "cutting edge rub", not to be confused with what Doug Dorsey got in the locker room after they pulled off the Pamchenko.

They've also got a smattering of mix-n'-match small plates like crisp heritage pork bellies, pisco lemon-soaked little necks, and mustard remoulade stone crab claws, plus bigger signature dishes like basil-crusted corvina, and, accompanied by house-cut fries smothered in truffle aioli, the Edge Burger (like the rest of the patrons, U2 should order it Bloody on Sundays).

Come January, they'll open a massive landscaped terrace that'll double as a sexy lounge, but until then, you can drink the wait away with 150+ wines and rotating signature cocktails, including the Ryan Cane (a sazerac that throws in oak barrel-aged rum), as well as the Ginger Brickell with Canton, rum, coconut water, foam, and sour mix -- aka, the conglomeration of people outside who've gotten themselves involved with some less-choice meat.