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Cuban Guys Restaurant

Cuban food: delicious. Fast food: generally not delicious, although that's mitigated by sweet Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked toys. Cuban fast food: finally arrived, and committed to being the former (Remember? “Delicious”?) thanks to the guidance of two local dudes with decades of fast food experience (one ran ‘em, one architected them), and probably like infinity Theodore toys.An open kitchen showcases fresh local goods being used in everything from sandwiches like the Pan con Bistec, which stacks Cuban bread w/ garlic-marinated palomilla steak, grilled onions, and housemade crispy string fries, to their "Frita" Cuban burger, pork/corn tamales, and Media Noches w/ roast pork, ham, and Swiss on sweet rolls, which you should never say to someone who owns a Bentley, lest he have his man-servant verbally belittle the price point of your blue jeans.They're also packing a lineup of "Cuban Bowls" with rice, black beans, fried sweet plantains, potato sticks, and meat (Frita patty, chicken, steak, or pulled pork), in addition to all-daying breakfast such as the "Ham, Egg & Cheese Cuban Guys Special" done up with yet more potato sticks, ham/ bacon/ egg tostadas, and omelets interestingly sandwiched between a Cuban loaf, also an accurate portrayal of someone who's recently enjoyed a different kind of Cuban Bowl.Because potato sticks make people mad thirsty, they've got some fresh squeezed juices and milk shakes, plus cervezas once the permitting office stops toying with their emotions.