Killer tacos from The Filling Station peeps

Hatched by The Filling Station crew, Reggae Tacos is a lunch-only joint in Downtown that's showcasing its Rastafarian pride by presumably turning three sprinters and their stoned buddy into an Olympic bobsled team, and afterwards, shoehorning more island-style eats than even John Candy could handle into tacos and burritos in a colorful, alley-side counter service spot

You can grab fried corn puffs w/ jerky mayo and a burrito with coconut milk-soaked chicken that's been braised in Red Stripe (hooray, coconut milk-soaked chicken burritos!). But the main deal is the curried goat -- deboned before being marinated in chiles, garlic, jerk spices & apple cider, then cooked for five hours -- which you can get stuffed into tacos and burritos like the The Big Marley, also stuffed with chicken, pork, beef & coconut rice

Chickenless Red Stripe can also be found in bottles, and they'll soon be spinning frozen daiquiris and piña coladas, which -- depending on how many extra shots of Rumba you add -- may have people asking "you dead, mon?"