Pork, pork, and some pork for good measure

Italians are proficient at many things -- eating, talking with their hands, having cousins named Vinny -- but perhaps they’re best at ensuring you eat enough delicious meat to grow up big and strong (sorry, Joe Pesci). To wit: Salumeria 104, a trattoria/salumi shop opening Monday in a space with wood-colored chairs made of Italian straw, wine-barrel high tables, Tuscan murals, and a stark white marble counter housing a serious 150lb slicer, or Edward Scissorhands when someone finally fed him.

Chef/owner Angelo Masarin (he’s done time at Casa Tua, Sardinia Enoteca, Cecconi’s) will gladly set you up with plates of mixed/matched imported meats (prosciutto di parma, cotto al tartufo) and cheeses (one Parmigiano Reggiano so rare, they're the lone stockist in Florida), bigger Primi like housemade gnocchi w/ crispy prosciutto, plus salads boasting produce from Paradise Farms, where Axl Rose's bucolic cousin Jebediah wishes to be taken down to.

Things get even heavier with Secondi like porchetta (roasted pork loin wrapped in crispy pork belly), seared pork spare ribs, and baccala, a traditional creamy slow-cooked salt cod with polenta. And if you don’t have time to sit down because the line for New Year’s Eve tickets isn’t getting any shorter, zero in on that slicer counter to grab any of the cured meats to go, or have them construct you a massive sandwich.

While you can’t brown-bag to bring to New Year's Eve, they've got wine for days, including upwards of 40 reds, 25+ whites, and suds like Peroni, locally brewed Key West Sunset Ale, and Prestige, something Edward had in spades, thanks to his maker Vincent Price.